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Milton Coarse Angling Club


Me with a near 3lb Roach/Rudd Secretary Billy Brownlee
The spaceman at Torwood


Milton Coarse Angling Club are a small club located in Glasgow, and we fish the Forth and Clyde canal, the river Clyde, Strathclyde park And various other venues in the central Scotland and the borders.

The favourite week-end away is the Torwood House Hotel, located in Glen Luce in the Scottish Borders.
I will include some pictures and tell you about some of the venues that we fish.

In the season 03 we plan to have a reports page on all of our matches our first match will be on the 30th of March and the match report will be posted soon after. We plan to fish Magiscroft at some time this year and would be glad of any advice on tactics and bait that have been used so far. I can be contacted via e-mail. 

Club Record Fish 

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